Blog 001 – Jack Bean

No longer do we whisper in hushed tones of our love of cannabis . No longer do we seclude ourselves from our own society, hidden in darkened rooms fearing public outcry’s of Drug user and criminal.
The Global outlook on our beloved herb is finally starting to turn, powerhouses such as America turning the tables on cannabis law and allowing it’s use not just medically but recreationally too.
With more and more countries deciding to give their citizens the right to choose cannabis for themselves we see more and more louder and clearer protests from within countries still waiting to have their prohibitions lifted.
But its not just the protests getting louder!

How common is it now to follow your favourite weed “celebrity”? Smoker on instagram or facebook..

No longer do we see or not see (as the case used to be) our growers or dealers hiding their business from authorities .. No we now see our producers and distributers 😉advertising their extensive wares.. With designer packaging and a great reliable service .

This is how it must be.. Total normalisation of our beloved plant. The more we treat cannabis use as an open and honest subject the more we show how prohibition of anything simply does not work.

We must not hide behind barriers but break through them!

So to all countries free to smoke cannabis i salute you
And to all others under a boot of prohibition.. We are here to help you.
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