Maziak Clothing / Maziak Plant Life was first founded in 2012 Northamptonshire.

Owned & Created by Lewis Maziak aged 17

I started this brand completely by accident! It was a casual walk home from college with a fat doobie in my mouth in the freezing cold British weather! The idea just literally popped into my head! I just thought it sounded good!

 I soon thought that all big brands are usually surnames so I thought fuck it, ill do it! My name is weird and quirky; hopefully it’ll catch some attention!

And it did! I myself was very popular on Tumblr, and I used this Blog platform to my advantage! I put up a few mock images of my products and people fell in love! I had messages clogging up my inbox!

After such a brilliant response and a long think I gave up college! I thought FUCK IT! I want to pursue my dreams and ideas!

I wanted to create a brand that’s not just affordable but fashionable! So I sketched up designs and visited the local printers. They loved my work and I got a few items stocked on my online store!

I continued to work on my brand and grab part time jobs to earn capital cash to pay for new products.

Maziak isn’t just a name. It’s a lifestyle.